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The moon. (在 Abdulwahab Mosque (State Mosque))

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After circus. (在 Al Adhamiyah Iraqi Restaurant)

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First haircut at Middle East. (在 Patrice Salon, Villagio Mall)

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I’m at Museum of Islamic Art Auditorium (MIA-A)! Mutum from Brazil

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Sand, ground, sea, mountain and sky: all in one. Happy sand bashing!

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How to be a great software developer


Disclaimer: This is a very long piece, much longer than I would normally write on any subject. I have edited it back but on sending it to friends to read they agreed that there was no one bit that should be cut. I hope that you feel the same.

If there’s one thing that software developers care…

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Posted 5 months ago
I’m at

[Museum of Islamic Art (MIA)]

Qatar International Food Festival 2014!.
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